Our Philosophy

One size does not fit all - Based on the project and customer needs we carefully evaluate and pick the best methodology and process that would fit the need.

How we work

  • We use proven application development framework, and build our layer on top of it to aid rapid development
  • Being Innovative and creative will help us attract best of best – Talent, Customers and Clients
  • Invest time upfront to build strong foundation and framework which would expedite future development and help maintain consistency
  • Open source
  • Application security is build into our approach and is never an after thought
  • We strongly believe and recommend open source to keep the bottom line low

Agile Methodology

For small investment with shorter time-to-market we suggest ‘Agile Methodology’ which is based on continuous iterations each having its own Design, Development and testing cycles. Our Agile process enables to deliver solutions faster, with less need for detailed documentation.

  • Projects organized into 4 weeks sprints
  • Each sprint entails delivering a fully functional tested module or functionality

Waterfall Methodology

For a more traditional and larger project we can drive you all the way through.

Waterfall Methodology
  • Conception
  • Initiation
  • Requirement gathering
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance Stages

that ensure you have the robust software meeting your goals and requirements.

Our Product Development Life Cycle

We go through the below shown life cycle for the products we develop to make sure it meets all the goals.

Our Pricing Model

Based on the customers needs and project type we offer different pricing model.
Time and Material
  • Enormous flexibility and control over your budget, enabling to manage and change the development process on the go
  • Good for projects with few or many unknowns and having flexibility project scope or for the projects in their maintenance phase

Dedicated Team
  • Extend your own team, it gives maximum control but requires more involvement into project management from the customer’s part
  • Good for Projects which are constantly improving and changing having own project management staff

Fixed Price
  • Good for small size Project that are well defined and have clear deliverables

Security Policy

Security Policy Information Security
  • Maintaining privacy, confidentiality and safe guarding the information and data of our clients and customers is our first priority
  • agileBRICK management has over two decades of experience in the IT Security industry

Our security policy encompasses following practices
  • Acceptable Use, Password, Backups, Network Access, Audits
  • Guest Access, Wireless, Third Party Connection, Network Security
  • Encryption, Confidential Data, Data Classification
  • Remote Access, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Mobile Device
  • Retention Policy – Data Archiving, Purging , Offsite Backup
  • Outsourcing Policy – IAM, Controlled Access, Monitoring
  • Physical Security - Host Based, Network, Database
  • Incident Response, Crisis Management, Resiliency Management